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Milwaukie AI 

AI Business Solutions


What We Do

At Milwaukie AI, we're focused on saving you time by automating routine tasks with AI. Instead of replacing jobs, we streamline them, giving back hours to your team. By analyzing your operations and identifying tasks suited for AI, we can save each employee a minimum of 1 hour a day or 260 hours annually—that's like adding over 6 work weeks back into their year! We handle the setup, train your team, and step in when things get complex. This approach isn't just an upgrade; it's the future of work.

Services & Roadmap



Conductor: Strategic AI Consulting

This service focuses on consulting and guiding businesses through the integration of AI technologies. It involves assessing client needs, designing AI strategies, and providing recommendations on implementing AI solutions effectively. Conductor aims to make businesses AI-savvy and helps navigate the complexities of AI adoption.


Conductor: AI Education and Training

An extension of the Conductor service, this area emphasizes educating and training client teams on AI usage and management. It includes workshops, seminars, and customized training sessions designed to enhance AI literacy. The goal is to equip teams with the necessary skills to manage and utilize AI tools independently, fostering a culture of innovation and self-sufficiency.


Innovator: AI Product Development

The Innovator service is dedicated to the creation and development of AI-driven products. This involves everything from initial concept generation to the development and deployment of AI solutions tailored to client specifications. Innovator also handles ongoing support and enhancements, ensuring that AI products continue to evolve with client needs and technological advancements.

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"The most interesting thing are the people who use AI at the start of their workflow."
- Sam Altman (Founder of OpenAI)

Case Studies

Explore how Milwaukie AI advances AI integration across diverse sectors, emphasizing real-world results.

MIT Media Lab / Foster for America

We collaborated with the Affective Computing Group from the MIT Media Lab and Foster for America to raise AI awareness and develop solutions for foster children and parents in Salem, Oregon. 


Following the significant changes to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and its commission structures, the future role of realtors has become a pressing question. At the 1000watts Summit in Dallas, Texas, in June 2024, we aim to explore and reveal insights into what the future holds for real estate professionals via AI.

Spot Specialist

How can you modernize a traditional blue-collar business, making physical work more efficient with AI? That's where Spot Specialist comes in, an ongoing project completely shaped by prompt engineering to revolutionize labor-intensive environments.

Safety & Responsibility

To ensure the creation of AI that is beneficial and safe, we must deeply understand its potential risks and rewards, and thoughtfully assess its effects. 
Discover more about safety.

Read our

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"The goal is to make humans more imaginative, not make imaginative machines, which I think is an important distinction."
- David (Founder of Midjourney)

About Us

Milwaukie AI empowers you to command AI effectively. We focus on prompt engineering—simple, powerful instructions that make AI more responsive and useful, amplifying human creativity, not replacing it. Our mission is clear: to put AI in service of your imagination and innovation.

90% of this site is AI generated. Including this copy and background video. Intrigued? Reach out and say hello.


Milwaukie, Oregon

United States of America

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